Letter to Councilman Donovan Richards

Good Morning Councilman Richards,

We are very delighted and happy to hear that your budget is ready to go for 2015. We went to a networking event with one of the contractors who is working on RYTF’s solar panel project being financed by you. We were definitely hoping that you can give us funding equal to RYTF for our solar energy needs for our Aquaculture Program.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon…..

Warmest Regards,

Chef Malisa Rivera

Founder, Executive Director

Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives Inc.,



Home of The Green Talk Live and More Show

Green Talk Live and More Show was a vehicle created to give Culinary Kids their own voice to speak on its endeavours consistently. The show encompasses issues on Green Works from Sustainable Farming and Agriculture to Environmental issues and everything in between.

Since the shows inception January, 2014 we’ve covered some important topics as well and have also have had some great guests on the show.

As we approach our 6th show to date we will continue to bring the public informative, compelling and educational shows every week.

Definitely looking forward to our 100th show!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Farm Rockaway blog


Farm Rockaway was named by Bob Lewis of NYS Ag and Markets. Culinary Kids partnered with NYS Ag and Markets to create this project. This urban farm initiative is an agricultural prototype for massive growing for the Rockaway peninsula and the five boroughs of NYC.  Fifty percent of the produce will be donated to food banks and hunger initiatives throughout NYC, the other fifty percent will be used as a fundraising medium for Culinary Kids. 

During a presentation to Community Board 14 Culinary Kids received a one hundred percent
unanimous vote and standing ovation as Chef Marion Moses made the winning presentation on this endeavor to receive land usage rights. Our partnerships with various groups both Rockaway and city based, have grown due to this fantastic concept. This will help the Rockaway community and abroad even more so as Culinary Kids anticipated….

Farmers Markets, CSA (community supported agriculture) program, green initiatives job training and placement will be readily available to the Rockaway’s and beyond……




Welcome to Farm Rockaway and Culinary Kids!

Chef Malisa Rivera
Founder, Executive Director
Culinary Kids Culinary Arts Initiatives